Inclusion and Accessibility

Inclusion and accessibility relate to the participation of customers with disability to participate in cycling touring. Central West Tours policy is that every person has the right and ability to enjoy cycling. Central West Tours team are willing and able to assist customers with Accessibility, we will review and discuss with customers on how best we can provide a service. Customers can bring their own purpose built cycle. Cycling with purpose designed bikes is available on some roads.

Cycling touring by nature has Accessibility challenges; an accessibility element that could preclude a customer from cycle touring with us is a customer with mobility challenges such wheelchair.

Central West Tours will endeavour to support all guests who wish to join a cycle tour, however accommodation is a limiting factor to be considered; most facilities are built pre 1960.

man with disabled boy cycling

Cycle Touring considerations are as follows:

  • Accommodation in the hotels is mainly accessed up steep stairs. Assistance can be provided.
  • Accessible space in toilet/restroom facilities is generally limited.
  • Before, during and after cycle touring there is a need to communicate safety information with cyclists throughout the tour.
  • Cycle touring is conducted mostly on low traffic gravel LGA service roads but there are short sections of B roads. Assistance can be provided to avoid the B road sections.
  • Central West Tours cycle tours are not conducted on cycle trails or rail trails.

Central West Tours can create/provide a private cycle tour along some of the more accessible LGA gravel roads.

“We can do it!”

The Kaywald School for mentally and physically disabled children has been running a cycling club as a successful part of its curriculum for several years now. In 2015, a group of students and teachers set a particularly challenging goal for themselves: cycling over the Alps! Join them for two days of their journey. - Cycling Kaywald School - IronMan

Acknowledgement of Country

Central West Tours acknowledge the generations of the local Aboriginal people of the Wiradjuri people who have lived and derived their physical and spiritual needs from the forests, rivers, lakes and streams of Central West Region as the traditional owners and custodians of these lands.

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